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Live Your Truth

27 Jul

LIVE YOUR TRUTH by listening to your HEART.

Living your truth is really about being authentic and living your passion. Many times when I ask people what they are passionate about they say they don’t know…but they really do. However…

We are usually so much “in our head” that we get disconnected from our heart. The heart is where the passion lies. Quiet your brain to open your heart to find your passion and then live your truth. How do you quiet your brain? Meditation….. and YOGA.



6 Jul

Today practice and encourage kindness in all interactions and see how it feels. Kindness is always possible…even when you are not being treated with kindness…you can still behave kindly…always. It’s not always easy but it’s always possible. Try it.

Feeling Freedom

2 Jul

I have learned that being free is not a matter of rights but more a matter of the limits that we put on ourselves. Frankly, no one has the ability to keep us from freedom and happiness more than ourselves….the person you see when you look in the mirror.

Sometimes it’s easy to give our freedom away by thinking that we don’t have it. But we do, we always do. Think about it.

We simply have to have the courage to reach beyond what is comfortable, natural and safe AND try something new, different and at times a little scary.

The times in my life when I have felt the most FREE are the times when I have reached just past scared and did it anyway. The feeling is absolutely frightening and yet exciting and completely free…

Happy 4th of July Weekend

1 Jul

Layered and Fabulous

Summer Solstice

21 Jun

Summer 2011 is officially here!!!

I love summer and everything about it, sun, dirt, flowers, farmers markets, sand, lakes, late night sunsets, outdoor concerts, too short dresses, swim suits, ice cream, art festivals, state fair, bikers all over the place, outdoor yoga…I just love it.

Hello Summer 2011, I’m happy you’re here.  

Summer Preview

10 Jun
  1. Agate healing stones help you to know that the trials of life will pass and gives you the strength to carry on for another day.
  2. Carry an agate gemstone with you when you have to make an important decision.
  3. Helps people who are having a hard time letting go of bitterness and resentments.
  4. Especially good in healing relationships (family or romantic) and allowing the spiritual healing forgiveness brings to take place.
  5. Agate healing gemstone is perfect for those that are feeling overwhelmed or suffocated by your responsiblities as it helps to calm the emotions and allow peace to rule.
  6. One of the best healing stones to take with you when walking in nature because it allows you to connect with and appreciate the natural world.
  7. In ancient times, warriors wore agate gemstone on their breastplates to give them strength and to ensure victory in battle

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20 Apr

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