Gemstone Healing

AGATE Good for harmonizing, emotional healer, acceptance and physical comfort.

ALEXANDRITE Helps balance mental and emotional body. Promotes internal and external regeneration and reflects highest potentials of joy and ‘oneness” with life.

AMAZONITE  Strengthens heart and physical body. Soothes nervous system and brings joy. Helps with creative expression.

AMBER Purifies and cleanses entire system. Harmonizes yin-yang (male-female).

AMETHYST  Dispels negative emotions. Encourages spiritual awakening, psychic abilities, understanding and wisdom. Relieves physical pain and ‘especially useful in overcoming addictions.

AQUAMARINE  Helps dispel fears,and phobias. Calms nerves and enhanses creativity. Purifies the body and is a balancer for the physical, mental and spiritual self.

AVENTURINE Helps healing of the heart. Relieves depression by giving feelings of peace and love.

AZURITE Motivates higher thinking and awareness. Cleanses the mind and soul to bring light and truth. Moves healing energies through all levels of Being.

BLACK ONYX Dispels negative emotions and energies. Grounds spiritual energy and helps reduce stress.

BLOODSTONE Cleanses and energizes physical body. Stimulates psychic ability. Helps with bleeding injuries and reduces emotional stress. A powerful healer.

CALCITE Reduces fear and stress. Good for memory and intellectual capabilities.

CARNELIAN Instills feelings of well-being. Helps digestive system and relieves menstrual discomfort. Aids in regeneration of tissue, kidneys, lungs and liver.

CHRYSOPRASE Eases depression, and helps one clearly see personal problems. Also helps bring out inner talents.

CITRINE QUARTZ Strengthens physical and psychic body. Helps develop self-discipline, wisdom, peace and confidence. Attracts abundance.

CRYSTAL QUARTZ Also known as Rock Crystal is both a receiver and transmitter of energy. It vibrates its energy at all of the color frequencies. Unlimited uses. Heals physically, emotionally and spiritually. Cleanses the chakras. Aids meditation, and gives protection and energ.

DIAMOND Purifies physical/etheric bodies. Dispels negativity. Enhances brain functions and helps with alignment with “higher self: A Master Healer.

EMERALD Strengthens immune system, heart; liver and kidneys. Enhances dreams, spirituality, meditation and balances emotions.

FLUORITE Good for inspiration, visualization and wisdom. Aids in spiritual awakening and helps with mental disorders. Strengthens teeth and bones. Helps absorption of nutrients and grounds excess energy.

GARNET Helps circulation by stimulating blood flow. Gives courage and relieves depression. Enhances love, compassion and creative energy.

HEMATITE Has a positive effect on blood disorders. Increases self-esteem, optimism, will, courage and personal magnetism.

JADE Gives peace and tranquility. Raises consciousness. Emits healing vibration. Aids eye disorders and female problems. Radiates unconditional love and is regarded by many as the “Lucky” stone.

JASPER Increases awareness. Gives vitality to physical body. Brings comfort for difficult dreams and strengthens liver and bladder.

LABRADORITE  Brings recognition of destiny and connects one with the elements.

LAPIS LAZUU  Healing and purifying. Aids with swelling, inflammation and congestion. Increases psychic ability and gives peace and balance.

MALACHITE Amplifies feelings-both positive and negative. Heals physical body by balancing. Inspires creativity and enhances dreams and meditation.

MOONSTONE  Inspires inner growth and strength. Helps calm over-reacting emotions and relieves stress and anxiety. Unblocks lymphatic system.

OBSIDIAN Sharpens inner and outer vision. Absorbs and disperses negativity. Helps clear subconscious blocks and reduces stress.

ONYX Brings physical strength when fighting infection. Will not draw negative forces to it. Helps emotional stability.

OPAL Helps with intuition and contacting “higher self”. Aids eyesight and helps balance emotions.

PEARL Enhances Love, Luck and Protection. Alleviates emotional imbalances. Enhances personal integrity and smoothes the peaks and valleys of emotional expression. Inhibits actions that are not conducive to spiritual and emotional growth.

PERIDOT Develops mental capabilities. Balances emotions. Regenerates physical body and aids digestion.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL Also known as Rock Crystal is both a receiver and transmitter of energy. It vibrates its energy at all of the color frequencies. Unlimited uses. Heals physically, emotionally and spiritually. Cleanses the chakras. Aids meditation, and gives protection and energy.

RHODOCHROSITE Warms heart Gives divine love, courage, will and self-love. Enhances memory and intellectual power.

ROSE QUARTZ Known as the “Love Stone’. Strong healer of the heart. Promotes self-love, forgiveness, understanding and inner peace.

RUBY Strengthens immunity, circulation and heart Helps with courage, joy, integrity and spiritual devotion.

RUTILATED QUARTZ  Powerful healer. Enhances life-force, brain function, inspiration and insight Very electrical. Transmutes negativity.

SAPPHIRE Aides connection with Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Dispels confusion and expands psychic abilities. Aids entire glandular system.

SODALITE Aids sleep and helps lower blood pressure. Improves communication and endurance. Cuts through illusion, bringing clarity and truth.

SMOKEY QUARTZ Dissolves negative energy. Powerful root chakra purifier. Grounding ability. Helps depression and fatigue and aids positive attitudes.

SUGILITE Strong protective qualities. Reduces stress and balances emotions. Brings higher spiritual awareness.

TIGER EYE  Causes a focusing of the mind and its power. Increases psychic ability. Helps with meditation in opening the “third eye “.

TOPAZ Balances nervous system. Enhances creative powers and wisdom. Stimulates feelings of love, joy. and hope. Relieves tension.

TOURMALINE  Represents balance of the yin-yang. Gives physical strength. Aids in removing guilt and imbalance about sexual roles. Aids sleep and dispels fears.


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