Summer Preview

10 Jun
  1. Agate healing stones help you to know that the trials of life will pass and gives you the strength to carry on for another day.
  2. Carry an agate gemstone with you when you have to make an important decision.
  3. Helps people who are having a hard time letting go of bitterness and resentments.
  4. Especially good in healing relationships (family or romantic) and allowing the spiritual healing forgiveness brings to take place.
  5. Agate healing gemstone is perfect for those that are feeling overwhelmed or suffocated by your responsiblities as it helps to calm the emotions and allow peace to rule.
  6. One of the best healing stones to take with you when walking in nature because it allows you to connect with and appreciate the natural world.
  7. In ancient times, warriors wore agate gemstone on their breastplates to give them strength and to ensure victory in battle

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